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Are Fried Potatoes Good for Weight Loss?

One common question we get is if fried potatoes can help in a weight loss journey. We’re going to answer that question in this article, as well as talk about potatoes in general (their nutrient profile, benefits, etc.) and mention some other alternatives that you can try. Let’s start!

Are Potatoes Rich in Nutrients?

Potatoes contain some nutrients. They are high in fiber and carbs, and contain several vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium, which are great for overall health. The calorie content they have depends on how they get prepared.

Can I Eat Fried Potatoes for Weight Loss?

Can fried potatoes actually help you in weight loss? We don’t think so. Fried potatoes are in fact pretty bad for dropping pounds. For example, if you fry potatoes, you increase their calorie content, and they absorb a huge amount of oil, which adds extra calories to your meal; this isn’t something you want if you’re on your weight loss journey.

Frying can also “create” trans fats which can cause weight gain. Fried potatoes also have a higher glycemic index, meaning that they can cause spikes in blood sugar levels – leading to hunger and eating more. And finally, fried potatoes are less filling than other forms, which could lead to eating more.

So, fried potatoes are not a really good choice if you’re looking to lose weight. In fact, they could lead to weight gain in the long run due to many calories and trans fats.

Healthier Alternatives

If you’re a fan of potatoes and are on a weight loss journey, these are some of the healthier alternatives than fried potatoes: you can try roasted, baked, and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index and have many nutrients, while baked and roasted are better if you use minimal oil since you don’t consume extra calories from frying.


If you’re looking to drop pounds, fried potatoes are not your “best friend” due to their high trans fat and calorie content, along with the impact on blood sugar. Sure, you can enjoy them every now and then but don’t consume fried potatoes regularly if you’re looking to lose weight. There are healthier alternatives you can try, such as roasted, baked, and sweet potatoes, as we previously mentioned.


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