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Bacopa Monnieri: Dosage for ADHD, Benefits, Side Effects

About Bacopa Monnieri – Is Bacopa Good for The Brain?

Bacopa Monnieri, also called Brahmi, has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It contains active compounds called bacosides, which are known to help support neuron communication and improve cognitive functions; memory, attention, and learning. This means that bacopa is without a doubt a good ingredient for the brain. However, we often get asked specifically about its effectiveness for ADHD and the dosage required for that. Let’s talk more about that below.

Bacopa Monnieri for ADHD

Bacopa Monnieri can help you if you have ADHD. Some studies show us that Bacopa can increase levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are important for better mood and sharper focus. This can help to some extent if you have ADHD, however, we wouldn’t consider Bacopa Monnieri to be a standalone medication for ADHD. It can help, but it’s wise to talk to your doctor before taking it if you’re unsure whether it’s good for you or not.

Bacopa Monnieri Dosage for ADHD

The correct dosage of Bacopa Monnieri for ADHD is different for everyone since everyone is different. The best advice we could give you is to start with lower doses and gradually increase them to see how your body reacts. The standard (most potent and safe) dosage for ADHD would be around 300 milligrams per day with Bacopa standardized to 50% bacosides.

Does Bacopa Have Side Effects?

Bacopa Monnieri should be completely safe for most people if used in the correct doses. However, if you’re not careful, or if you’re extremely sensitive, some reported side effects include nausea, cramping, and mild gastrointestinal discomfort.

These are very rare, and if you follow the recommended doses, you should be good to go. As we previously mentioned, the best idea would be to start with lower doses to see how your body will respond.


All in all, Bacopa Monnieri is a great ingredient for brain boost. Those who have ADHD and other brain problems can definitely expect to feel its benefits with regular usage. So, it’s not a surprise that this ingredient is used among some of the best brain supplements out there.

However, never rely on a single ingredient; Bacopa is not a standalone cure for ADHD. We think this ingredient would be best if combined with other popular and effective brain health ingredients such as Gingko Biloba, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine.

If you decide to start taking Bacopa, start slow and with small doses to see how your body will react.



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