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Does Swimming Help in Fat Loss?

Summary: Swimming can definitely help in fat loss to some extent, due to the fact that your body burns more calories through the activity. However, certain studies show that swimming by itself has no substantial effects on weight and fat loss without a proper diet. It is important to have a healthy, calorie-restricted diet for the best results.

About Swimming

Swimming is an activity that is great for your lungs and heart, and it can help you relax as well. But does swimming actually help in fat loss? Let’s take a closer look. First of all, logically, swimming increases physical activity, which means that you’ll be burning more calories if you do it. This will make it easier for overweight people to get more in shape.

When you’re swimming, all major muscle groups are engaged for long periods of time. This helps burn extra calories, as well as strengthen muscles and joints.

Other studies claim the opposite; they have shown that cycling and walking helped lose weight in overweight women, but women who were regularly swimming lost no weight.

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?

How many calories does swimming burn? This question is hard to answer since it all depends on how fast you’re swimming, the duration, and the intensity. On average, if you’re swimming at an intensive pace for half an hour, you can expect to burn about 360-440 calories on average. This of course also depends on your weight, heart rate, sweat rate, and outside temperature.

Swimmers that weigh 140 pounds will burn around 450 calories per hour at moderate speeds. At a more vigorous pace, it is possible to burn more calories than that.

So, Will Swimming Make Me Skinny?

Swimming could make you skinnier in the long run, depending on your overall lifestyle and diet. If your goal is significant weight loss, it is important to have a proper calorie-restricted diet and an overall healthy lifestyle. A fat burner supplement might work for you as well and might be an extra push.

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